Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
— Mattie Stepanek

Music has been a blessing to us in more ways than one. It has opened doors to lifelong friendships, inspiring collaborations, self-enlightening experiences, and has allowed us to share our gifts physically and metaphysically in a positive light. We continue to strive to promote peace and love not only on stage, but in our everyday lives. 


With the evolution of modern technology and social media at our fingertips, the music industry has become very DIY. The days of signing and getting support from a record label are far and few between for artists these days, and many musicians do not persevere through the financial hardships. GrooveSession, since it's conception in 2007, has handled the majority of BOOKING, ONLINE WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA DEVELOPMENT, MERCHANDISE, SHOW PROMOTION, TRAVELING/LODGING, all while still trying to stay inspired to compose music, rehearse, and work on our craft. We are so thankful for those who have supported the band thus far whether it was providing us a place to sleep on the road, a home cooked meal passing through your town, buying an album, or just even attending one of our shows and bringing a friend. WE THANK YOU and LOVE YOU!!! But with that being said, we continue to barely scrape by. 

GrooveSession has many goals, short term and long term, to keep the band/business moving forward and up the ladder to a greater success and financial stability for the three of us. You may have seen crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, which ask friends/fans to donate money, for an incentive, to help fund a project (i.e. record an album, fund a tour, etc.). While those sites have been a great platform for struggling artists to raise money, what they don't tell you is that they take 10% off the top and that's only if you reach the desired goal. If you don't achieve your goal, then you get nothing.

So we want to eliminate the middle man and give you a chance to help us out knowing that GrooveSession will get 100% of your investment! We will provide you with info on our most current projects and expenses and give you a breakdown of where your money will be used towards.

All donations are welcome! From $1 to $1,000 to ???, We appreciate all the help we can get! 



  • Mastering and duplication of new album, "California Hurricane" - $2,000


We LOVE what we do and want to do it for as long as we can. But to keep moving forward, we need to DIWYH - DO IT WITH YOUR HELP!