GRoovesession epk

California Hurricane (2015)

California Hurricane (2015)

GrooveSession LIVE (2013)

GrooveSession LIVE (2013)


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GrooveSession is a trio on the rise! Recognized for unique song writing and powerful live performance, GrooveSession is a true throwback and good old fashioned rock band uniting fans with a funky flare and positive message. Mind, body, and sound, GrooveSession brings a multi-genre blend of rock n’ roll that they call “movin' groovin' music.” A renaissance, a rebirth, an encompassed innovative flowering new sound on their quest to end the jammin' famine. Touring and playing over 1,333 dates while opening for and playing with many of today's greatest bands and musicians, there is something very special happening when GrooveSession performs. These guys love it all and you never know what you will get, but rest assured it’s going to be dynamic and musical. Tuned to 432Hz, this band is about the Earth’s natural vibration and healing properties that positive music and intention bring to life!

This trio made up of Sarven Manguiat on guitars/keyboards/vocals and brothers, Ronnie Sanchez on bass/vocals & Manny Sanchez holding down drums and lead vocals. 

Magical, professional, and musical with the ability to make fire with music! 

Available NOW are 5 releases including the highly acclaimed 2015 release titled “California Hurricane"

 Catch a session LIVE… Yes, GrooveSession is your friend. 

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Manny Sanchez - Taye Drums, Aquarian Drumheads, Drum Wallet, Grip Pedaller, Tycoon Percussion

Ronnie Sanchez - EMG Pickups, MXR pedals

Sarven Manguiat - Mesa/Boogie AmplifiersEMG Pickups, Dunlop String and Picks, MXR guitar pedalsFunguy Mojo Guitars, Underground Guitar Works guitars

GrooveSession uses Bose Speakers and Blue Microphones





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“They just don’t make grooves like these anymore. The hard-hitting funk of George Clinton, those New Orleans second-line rhythms of The Meters, that earthy, jazzy, country shuffle of Little Feat. Even the get-off-your-butt-and-move early-’90s groove laid down by the Spin Doctors. Relics of the past shelved among the archives to make way for thin, machine-driven impersonations that pass for pop rhythms and hip-hop drum beats these days. GrooveSession missed that memo on purpose. “We love the ’60s and ’70s and all that music that was going on at that time,” Manny Sanchez says. “There’s a song called ‘Grows Down Low,’ ” Sanchez says. “When we started to write that song, all three of us, when it came to tempo, sort of homed in on the strut of it. It felt like it was as if Little Feat and The Meters got together and started jamming.”“It really is a blessing,” Sanchez says of playing with his brother and longtime friend."” - JEFF HARRELL - SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE

"Three" musicians, is just a number to these guys, because they truly sound like several on any given song! Their music is a combination of funky, groovy fusion, with a twist of philanthropic and eclectic global unity. Some bands are so far out, that only musical purists can enjoy them...but not these guys. Bassist Ronnie Sanchez lays down lines that Boosty Collins and Jaco Pastorious could easily connect with. The drum grooves by brother Manny Sanchez are reminiscent of Mitch Mitchell and Louis Bellson in their peak. Guitarist Sarven Manguiat cooks up intricate rhythms and solos that remind me of great albums like Santana's "Abraxas", or "Shakti", with John McLaughlin. The best way for me to put it is this: What the band RUSH did for Rock Music History, is what Groove Session is doing for Jam Bands! - JOANNE LEDESMA - SGVMUSIC


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