Manny Sanchez (Drums/Percussion/Vocals) 

Manny got his first drum set when he was 9 years old. He is part of a rare breed of drummers that have the ability to hold down the groove and sing at the same time. Music has always been part of his DNA and family gatherings. Manny starting playing with older musicians at a very young age and always enjoyed being "thrown into the fire!" He developed his chops and listening skills early on at jam sessions and performing at "The Rock Rose" in Highland Park,CA. He attended Musicians Institute at the age of 19, were he got his first formal training and learned about work ethic, the music industry, networking, and deeply broaden his musical influences.  He enjoys listening to and playing all types of music: rock & roll, funk, blues, r&b, jazz, jazz fusion, folk, Americana, Afro-beat, Latin, progressive rock and reggae music!


Manny's Rig Rundown


Drums :

  • 5 piece Parasonic Taye Drums set in a Vintage Goldtop finish
  • 22”x18” Bass drum
  • 14"x6.5" Brushed Black Nickel Brass snare
  • 14"x7" Maple/Walnut Hybrid Snare
  • 10"x8.5" Rack tom
  • 14”x14” and 16”x16”” Floor toms
  • 6000 series Taye Hardware


  • Hi-hats: 14" Zildjian A Custom Mastersounds (2 tops)
  • 21" Meinl Byzance Medium Crash
  • 24" Zildjian Vintage Ride 


Aquarian Drum Heads

  • Performance II clears on rack and floor toms
  • Super Kick II for bass drum


Manny plays Taye Drums, uses Aquarian Drumheads, The Drum Walletand the Grip Pedaller.