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Photo by Gregory Baez

Photo by Gregory Baez

Photo by Gregory Baez

Photo by Gregory Baez

Photo by Gregory Baez

Photo by Gregory Baez

Photo by Gregory Baez

Photo by Gregory Baez

“They just don’t make grooves like these anymore. The hard-hitting funk of George Clinton, those New Orleans second-line rhythms of The Meters, that earthy, jazzy, country shuffle of Little Feat. Even the get-off-your-butt-and-move early-’90s groove laid down by the Spin Doctors. Relics of the past shelved among the archives to make way for thin, machine-driven impersonations that pass for pop rhythms and hip-hop drum beats these days. GrooveSession missed that memo on purpose. “We love the ’60s and ’70s and all that music that was going on at that time,” Manny Sanchez says. “There’s a song called ‘Grows Down Low,’ ” Sanchez says. “When we started to write that song, all three of us, when it came to tempo, sort of homed in on the strut of it. It felt like it was as if Little Feat and The Meters got together and started jamming.”“It really is a blessing,” Sanchez says of playing with his brother and longtime friend."”

JEFF HARRELL - South Bend Tribune

“Last night's show was amazing, GrooveSession put on one of the most energetic, mind blowing performances we've seen. We're looking forward to their return this summer.”

Bones Brewing Pub & Eatery - Facebook

"Seriously! GrooveSession is like, on another dimension. They’re going to BLOW your MIND!” Lisa is actually demonstrating this fact; it is clear that her own mind has been thoroughly blown. Is that foam at the corner of her mouth? Often when people are this fanatical about a band, or a movie, or a restaurant, I’ll listen without assuming expectations (I like my mind-blowing to be authentic). But it’s hard to remain neutral in the face of this fervor. I feel a tingle of excitement under my skin—Lisa’s conviction is so strong that it has leached out of her pores, pranced across the kitchen, and injected itself into my blood. So I arrive at the concert already tainted. But, as it turns out, no amount of tainting can withstand the colossal impact of a Groove Session. The sheer velocity of their vibration wipes my perception clean as a whistle—and sure enough, blows my mind. I’ll try to explain it."

Gina Tang - The Soular Power System

"Three" musicians, is just a number to these guys, because they truly sound like several on any given song! Their music is a combination of funky, groovy fusion, with a twist of philanthropic and eclectic global unity. Some bands are so far out, that only musical purists can enjoy them...but not these guys. Bassist Ronnie Sanchez lays down lines that Boosty Collins and Jaco Pastorious could easily connect with. The drum grooves by brother Manny Sanchez are reminiscent of Mitch Mitchell and Louis Bellson in their peak. Guitarist Sarven Manguiat cooks up intricate rhythms and solos that remind me of great albums like Santana's "Abraxas", or "Shakti", with John McLaughlin. The best way for me to put it is this: What the band RUSH did for Rock Music History, is what Groove Session is doing for Jam Bands!

Joanne Ledesma - SGVmusic

"You guys are electric! Positive! GreatSuperFantastic!! Yesterday's show was AWESOME!! :-)"

Tamara Holmes - Facebook

"You guys were GREAT ENERGY at the Buckhorn. ....Great song choices kept us on our feet mentally as well ... unpredictably soulfully energized. Really different, but felt like a dead show in the level it affected/connected/projected. I'll want to give my friends in Austin notice next time you make it there. Cheers, eh?"

Steven Lewis - Facebook

“These guys…they MOVE people, and not just one homogeneous group, but a fantastically eclectic, heterogeneous mix, sampling from all walks of life. Suits & hippies, aged Veterans & foreign exchange students, hipsters, bros, beach bums – all getting down to one groove, one beat. I could go on & on (no really, I could. haha), but it all just boils down to this: Music IS universal. It DOES have the power to not only move people, but UNITE them. And, if you get a chance to see GrooveSession live…take it.”

Dani.Dan - Resonate.Local

“Freekin' "A"!! didn't realize this was your band. Y'all was fierce! glad I made this run to OB.”

Cm Talley - Facebook

“Don't know what y'all did to me last night...but whatever it was...I LOVED IT!!!! Ahh!!! Phenomenal show last night! GrooveSession blew my mind yet again! So good, so healing, so freeing! Couldnt sleep last night thinking about it!!”

Lisa Viegas - Facebook

“The first under-card standout at the festival was the always impressive GrooveSession. Hailing from the inland empire of Ontario, CA, the funk-tastic threesome of brothers Ronnie and Manny Sanchez with Sarven Manguiat kicked off the weekend by telling the audience “Don’t you threaten me with a good time.” They played a total of three sets over the course of two days and every set blew away the crowd. I got a chance to talk to Sarven and we can all look forward to a new GrooveSession CD this fall. They’ve got plans of heading to Europe, Australia and Japan in the not too distant future. Is the rest of the planet ready for a Session? I sure hope so.”

Billy Sunday - Shakedown News

"If you look on the ground at Irvine Lake, you'll see tiny pieces of the main stage. These guys tore it to shreds at Jerry Jam 2010. Great stuff, good times!!"

Robert Carvounas - Facebook

“first GrooveSession last night and was awestruck! i can't remember the last time i was moved like that and i appreciate so very much that it was at a local, intimate venue because you guys will not be looking back!:)”

Leah Ludwig - Facebook

"FUNKTASTICALYGRUVALISCIOUS! Amazing performances at SBSF! Awesome band!"

John Honz - Facebook

"Set apart from anything we ever experienced. YOU guys ROCKED the groove so hard the paint fell off the walls."

Tiffany Fellenz Hoffman - Facebook

"Absolutely the stand out act of SBSF. Hope to see you again (before) next year!!! Keep rocking...."

John Hans Fonod - Facebook

“We saw, and missed (since can't be everywhere at once; and many preferred shows were impossible to so we closed out Day Three with a street performance by the band Groove Session who were doing a stunning cover of Santana's "Soul Sacrafice." If you never saw the official, and original, Woodstock Festival film from 1969, Santana's performance was one of the best in rock history, as well as one of the best live guitar and drum solos ever recorded. The entire Woodstock film has a special place in the hearts of any classic rock lover, whether you were there (would have loved to be), not even born yet, or have uncles and aunts who were there. Although they cannot compare to Santana, Groove Session's street show reminded us when we saw The Ferocious Few street show during the Hardly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco last summer. The FF were a mini-favorite here at SXSW, and no wonder. ”

staff writer - Indie Rock Cafe

“Best band in sxsw. on dirt, with a generator, out in the street. Groove session. Look them up. 10:08 PM Mar 19th via twidroid ”

Mario Guerra - twitter

“Special to The Press-Enterprise Groove Session mixes in jazz, blues, funk, rock and more on its full length debut album "The Flying Burrito." "The Flying Burrito," the album, is what the band calls a "space funk odyssey," following space warriors who fly around in a burrito spaceship to defeat the evil Dr. Q-Tron, who is keeping people everywhere from grooving. The band came up with the story after the music. "Since it was going to be all instrumental, we figured we had to give people something," Sanchez said. They decided to go the silly route, with song titles such as "The Rise and Fall of Dr. Q-Tron and the Mini-Vamping Machine." But the imagery the band has heard from fans is pushing them to think visually for the album, with hopes of turning it into a cartoon. Going into the studio was difficult for the group, which is known for its live jam sessions.”

Vanessa Franko - The Press-Enterprise