Unity Day & Anti-Bullying Week

Bullies are baby terrorists needing to be exposed!!!

Commonly thought of as tough guys or gals but are they really? Being subjected to or witnessing bullies in action is never comforting or funny. The differences in people should be celebrated and when we dance, our partners should all be different! People need to live a bully free life and understand life itself can be bullying enough without the interruption of a miserable soul seeking havoc on the freedoms we breath and the love we share. Stand up and walk away from a bully, tell a friend, seek counsel, and join the masses that is us! Peace and love, what's so wrong about that? 

As a band and warriors for peace and the positive movement, we ask of our fans a simple task. At the next show, no matter who you see or where you are, introduce yourself to at least two people, say your name, and give them a smile!

"Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe"

Unity Day at Pinon Hills Elementary