Tour life is more than just about playing music.

Well that wraps it up! 2 1/2 weeks on the road in Arizona (Flagstaff/Phoenix), New Mexico (Albuquerque/Pinos Altos), and Colorado (Durango/Boulder/Denver). Thank you to all our fans, friends, and family who came out and supported us. The Groovenauts are the best!!!!

A special thanks to Walter Salas-Humara (and Amy) for joining us for the first half. We had such a great time hanging out and playing music together. You truly are one of our favorite people! Love you!

Also a big thanks and shout out to the Sanchez family out of Silver City, NM. Your hospitality is as good as it gets and I think we had enough red chile to last us till next year....probably not ;). 

Tour life is more than just about playing music. It's about the people you meet and connect with on a daily basis. It's about the exotic and fun food you share with each other that teaches culture and history of the land. It's about the absorption of energy that comes from this world we live in and learning that we need to take care of Mother Earth and give back. We believe music is the glue that binds all these things. It's the catalyst for peace and love, the rejuvenator of spirits, our universal language. We come back from tour with new stories, new songs, and a new appreciation for life. And every time we leave our driveway to a gig, we set out to not only perform or entertain, but to exude positive vibrations to those around us. GrooveSession is your friend and a friend to all. Peace, Love, and Positive music. 

- Manny, Sarven, & Ronnie